Wood Fence Cleaning

Cypress Wood Fence Power Wash

Cypress Power Washing professional wood fence soft wash technique for homeowners at affordable rates.

Our Wood Fence Cleaning Process

Your home is a source pride. Our team of soft power house wash technicians will refresh your wood fence and make your grey fence look new again.

For a fence wash, Pressure Washing Cypress techs clean all types of wood fences and are trained in what PSI is needed to clean your fence while keeping the wood in good shape.

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Fencing Soft Wash

  • Soft Washing/Brush Washing
  • Mold & Algae Removed
  • Manufacturers Suggested Methods
  • Home Insurance Approved Processes
  • Convenient & Affordable
Wood Fence Cleaning in Cypress TX
Wood Fence Cleaning in Cypress TX
Wood Fence Power Washing in Cypress TX
Wood Fence Power Washing in Cypress TX

Wood Fence Refinishing

Cypress Pressure Washing not only provides a great wood fence power wash, but we also revitalize your wooden fence and give it new life.

We offer year round service to help keep your home beautiful through every season Our local pressure wash company helps to remove dirt, mold, algae and grayed wood from your fence with our soft wash system.

F.A.Q about Wood Fence Washing

The suns U.V. rays erode the outer layer of the wood making it appear gray. The wood is actually starting to decay as it dries out. Wood fences need to be cleaned and treated.

This is dependent on the area where you live in Cypress, TX. As well, it also matters if your home is in a shady area, close to the city, etc. A wood fence needs to be cleaned yearly and also protected with weather protecting sealant.

Yes. As long as the weather is above freezing, the team at Pressure Washing Cypress can get the job done.

Our detergent is biodegradable, safe to human, pets, and plants, and proven to be effective.

Every home is treated differently based on the condition of the siding and the siding material used.

Our Cypress soft wash technicians will evaluate the condition of your fencing and mix the cleaning agent onsite.

Before you paint or stain your fence, you must soft wash it. Removing algae, mold dirt and grime will help make your fence staining or painting a success.

You only need to call us before you paint your fencing. A soft pressure wash is an excellent way to prep your wood fencing. You will get much better results if you prime your fence by power washing it first.

Cypress Pressure Washing Benefits

A clean, well-maintained fence speaks volumes about the property you own or manage.
Our pressure wash system helps clean and maintain your home's curb appeal.

Emergency Service

We provide emergency power washing services to homeowners throughout Cypress, Texas

Satifaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us, as are the great reviews we receive from our clients!

Instant Curb Appeal

Your home's value will may be increased when it presents itself to potential buyers. Ask your realtor!

20 Years of Experience

Cypress Pressure Washing not only has experienced staff to power wash your property, but we even built our own equipment and our system is patent pending.